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Women in Leadership
Leading Together
Be Connected
Be Empowered
Be  Fully You
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We help women in leadership


be the healthiest versions of themselves.


increase their influence.


be deeply connected to themselves, their key relationships, and their mission in the world.

We know that you want

           clarity and direction in the midst of complexity

           to say no to good and yes to great

           to be set free from isolation

           to move to the next level of your leadership.


Leadership transformation takes


time to reflect and evaluate your life 

relief from the pace of being all things to all people

space to unpack your world's complexity 

a mentor and relationships that call you up

expert leadership advice based on your personal wiring and current challenges.

We believe that we are meant to be extraordinary leaders in our lives, our organizations, and our communities.

And we are not meant to go it alone.

We understand the struggles and the feeling of isolation, responsibility, and spinning plates.

Which is why we have wrestled through this journey ourselves, finding the power of joining together as Connextion and why we are inviting you in.

Heather Fields

Heather is a dynamic leader with a background in Education, Psychology, and Team Building to help individuals, families, & organizations function and meet their highest potential. She incorporates simple, scalable and sustainable tools to enable others to increase their capacity to intentionally lead themselves and their teams confidently.

Casey Merrifield

Casey is a gifted conference speaker, executive coach, and team builder. With a background in marriage and family counseling, higher education, and nonprofit work, her passion is developing leaders who make a significant impact in their world. Casey is talented at calibrating support and challenge to increase leadership influence, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness that results in greater capacity, satisfaction, and effectiveness for the individual and team.



Jennifer Boubel

Jennifer has a passion for helping people become the very best version of themselves. Her experience spans many industries, including 13 years with Continental and United Airlines where she led training and organizational development. As a result of her experience working inside organizations, Jennifer has learned that customer and employee loyalty are both byproducts of remarkable leadership. She loves to equip leaders to intentionally create a culture that appreciates people and inspires transformation. Jennifer is a Senior Consultant with GiANT Worldwide and enjoys helping people become leaders worth following.  

Robin Merrill

Robin has dedicated her life to growing leaders. Starting her career with her husband, they purchased a business in Atlanta, growing it significantly prior to starting and raising their children. Her journey to executive coaching began with the knowledge and experience she received investing in the health care system, nonprofit organizations, and the family businesses. Building leaders, teams and organizations worth following are at the epicenter of her coaching and consulting expertise.

Melissa Mitchell-Blitch

Melissa’s mission is to live well, love well, and lead well – and to help others do the same. She values excellence, bringing simplicity to complexity, and creating health -- of mind, body, spirit and relationships. She is an engaging speaker, consultant and coach. As former-CPA and financial advisor – with a master's degree in psychology --  Melissa often works with business teams, advisors, and families. She is the author of a forthcoming book for family businesses.

Heidi Stone

Heidi has a passion for making connections. Using her superpowers of asking great questions and getting things done, she challenges those around her to see and embrace new opportunities. Heidi honed these skills during her career as a paralegal and working for a real estate developer. Seeing other women be their best through Connextion is her genuine desire.



ConneXtion Cohorts

Facilitated online group meetings twice a month with a maximum of eight women.

Leadership Resources

Receive the books 5 Gears, 100x Leader, and 5 Voices, written by the founders of GiANT Worldwide. 

1:1 Coaching

Hone your leadership skills and process new information once a month with a trained coach.


Gain one year free access to short, professional leadership development videos designed to reinforce what you are learning.

Leadership Tools

Receive a toolkit with powerful , easy to share visual tools that can be implemented in a variety of settings.

Boutique Leadership Retreat

Attend a luxurious retreat to get away to reflect, learn more content, and enjoy time with other Connextion leaders. 


Leadership Training Sessions

Four liberating sessions with facilitated small group discussions.

ConneXtion Cohorts

Facilitated small group discussions to process content and spring you into next steps.

Garden and Walking Trails

Enjoy Serenbe's beautiful grounds and garden paths.

Wine-Tasting Tour

Celebrate life with a wine-tasting stroll through Serenbe.

Farm-to-Table Meals

All food is locally sourced and

cooked fresh.

Luxurious Accommodation

The Inn at Serenbe is a modern day farmhouse with all the luxury for restoration and refreshment.




Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We will get back to you soon.

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