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Jennifer Boubel

Co-Founder, Partner

Houston, TX

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Jennifer has a passion for helping people become the very best version of themselves. Her experience spans many industries, including 13 years with Continental and United Airlines where she led training and organizational development. As a result of her experience working inside organizations, Jennifer has learned that customer and employee loyalty are both byproducts of remarkable leadership. She loves to equip leaders to intentionally create a culture that appreciates people and inspires transformation. Jennifer is CEO and a co-founder of ConneXtion and enjoys helping people become leaders worth following.  


Casey Merrifield, PhD

Co-Founder, Partner

Elk City, OK

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Casey is a gifted conference speaker, executive coach, and team builder. With a background in marriage and family counseling, higher education, and nonprofit work, her passion is developing leaders who make a significant impact in their world. Casey is uniquely gifted in helping leaders have difficult conversations and equipping them to create an environment where every voice is heard and valued. She loves to help leaders live authentically at their best and make a lasting impact on all who follow them. 


Robin Merrill


Co-Founder, Partner

Atlanta, GA

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Robin has dedicated her life to growing leaders that grow leaders. Starting her career with her husband, they purchased a business in Atlanta. They grew it significantly prior to starting a family. Her journey to executive coaching began with the knowledge and experience she received at a world-class healthcare system, start-up organizations, franchising, nonprofit organizations, and multiple family businesses. Building leaders worth following, teams and organizations are at the epicenter of her coaching and consulting expertise. Robin’s clients consistently grow healthy cultures and realize sustainable results in leadership development initiatives. 


 Heidi Stone

Co-Founder, Partner

Dallas, TX

Heidi has a passion for making connections. Using her superpowers of asking great questions and getting things done, she challenges those around her to see and embrace new opportunities. Heidi honed these skills during her career as a paralegal and working for a real estate developer. Seeing other women be their best through ConneXtion is her genuine desire.


Heather Fields


Cedarburg, WI

  • LinkedIn

Heather is a dynamic leader with a background in Education, Psychology, and Team Building to help individuals, families, & organizations function and meet their highest potential. She incorporates simple, scalable and sustainable tools to enable others to increase their capacity to intentionally lead themselves and their teams confidently.

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